Gayle Wittenberg

Dr Gayle Wittenberg

Head, Translational Research & Precision Medicine, Pharma R&D IT, Director, Integrative Solutions & Informatics, Neuroscience, Janssen Research & Development
Gayle M. Wittenberg, Ph.D. is Director of Integrated Solutions and Informatics, Janssen Neuroscience and Head of Translational Research & Precision Medicine, Research IT. In these roles, she is working to bring the era of precision medicine to psychiatry. She has lead Janssen’s mood informatics initiatives, bringing together the best available datasets with state of the art analytics to identify and profile different biological and phenotypic subtypes of Major Depression as candidates for targeted therapies. Her work analyzing immunology and oncology trials for improvements in depressive symptoms led in part to running a proof of concept study of an immunology compound in depressed patients.  Dr. Wittenberg graduated summa cum laude in Physics and Engineering Physics at Oregon State University, and received her Ph.D. in Molecular Biology and Neuroscience at Princeton University where she studied synaptic learning rules in the hippocampus using computational models, brain slice electrophysiology, two-photon calcium imaging and glutamate uncaging. She was a Princeton Council on Science and Technology Postdoctoral Teaching Fellow. She came to Janssen from Siemens Corporate Research where she headed the Personalized Healthcare group. While there, through mining genetic databases, she and her team designed PCR primers for the H1N1 flu within 3 days of the US outbreak, which outperformed those used by the CDC. Previously she has worked at Trojan Nuclear Plant, installed the first computers used for electronic trading on the floor of the New York Stock Exchange, spent a summer at Bell Labs recording birds singing in helium, and worked the salmon run in Naknek, Alaska.

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