Charles Cox

Dr Charles Cox

Head of Pharmacogenetics, GSK

Dr Charles Cox obtained a BSc (Hons) in Genetics from Edinburgh University, prior to obtaining his PhD in Molecular Pathology from London University.

Charles went on to complete a post-doctoral position at the Department of Medicine, Cambridge University, before taking on a senior post-doctoral position within the Cancer Genome Project, headed by Professor Mike Stratton, at the Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute. He played a key role in setting up and designing the platforms and infrastructure of this world leading effort into the identification of somatic mutations in cancer, and was a first author on the BRAF V600E paper.

In 2004, Charles joined GlaxoSmithKline as Head of Genotyping within the Genetics department. Focussing on Pharmacogenetics, he oversaw genotyping activities of DNA from patients in GSK sponsored clinical trials, using genetic information to support the drug development process. Actively involved in the PREDICT-1 study, used to demonstrate prospectively the clinical utility of the HLA-B*57:01 marker in predicting HSR in patients receiving Abacavir, he continues to support GSK assets by using genetic biomarkers to help predict efficacy and better understand adverse events, in his current role as Head of Genetics Experiment Design and Delivery. 


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